Helping You Close Your Home Sale, The Final Details.

I hope that you have enjoyed our series of home selling videos. We have covered preparing your home, listing your home, selling your home, negotiating offers and today we have the final video, helping you close your home sale.

Now that we have found a buyer for your home it is time to get ready for the closing or completion date. This is the date that ownership changes hands, the date that you move out and the buyer moves in. As your realtor I will guide you through the final steps of the process to ensure that you are fully prepared and that your home sale closes on time.

The major steps in getting yourself ready and completing the sale of your home are as follows;

  • Choose a lawyer. Your lawyer will prepare all of the necessary paperwork for the transfer of title, mortgages and anything else required depending upon the property being purchased. As your realtor I can recommend a few trusted lawyers for you to choose from.
  • Cancel utilities. Inform all of your service providers such as water, electricity, natural gas, television and phone of your closing date and cancel the services.
  • Connect new utilities. If you are moving within the same town or city you may just transfer the services that you already have to your new address. You may find that you require some new services or no longer require some old ones. this is a good time to take stock of your services and decide whether to cut, upgrade or renegotiate some of the services you use.
  • Sign all Documents. Make sure that you are available in the days leading up to the completion date to sign any documents as required by your lawyer, mortgage provider or utility providers.

You can now celebrate the sale of your home! Thank you for reading this series of blogs. Now that you have sold your home you will probably need to buy one. Next week we will start the series on helping you to buy a home.

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