Victoria Day Weekend Open House May 19th 2-4PM, 106 Udvari Crescent In Kitchener, New Price!

What are you doing this Victoria Day Weekend. To be specific what are you doing on Sunday May 19th between 2 and 4pm. If you are looking for a great house in the Beechwood Forest and Ira Needles part of town you should visit our open house! Want to learn a little about the house […]

I Am House Shopping, How Should I Look at Houses?

In our previous articles in the home buying series we have discussed preparing for your home search by getting your finances in order and by identifying the features that you need and/or want in your new home. Out third instalment today is about helping you with your home search. We will be looking at how […]

I Want To Buy A House, How Do I Choose Wisely?

In our last article in this home buying series we discussed the best way to get your finances in order and preparing for your home purchase with a mortgage pre-approval. Now that you have done all that what next? Should we head out into the marketplace and look at everything in your price range? We could […]

Helping You Close Your Home Sale, The Final Details.

I hope that you have enjoyed our series of home selling videos. We have covered preparing your home, listing your home, selling your home, negotiating offers and today we have the final video, helping you close your home sale. Now that we have found a buyer for your home it is time to get ready […]

An Open Letter From A Realtor To For Sale By Owner Home Sellers or FSBOs.

I have been paying attention to the online debate between realtors and the for sale by owner fraternity and must admit that I am surprised and disappointed by the invective and half truths that seem to be the fuel that keeps this debate running on and on with little or no productive discussion in sight. […]

Helping You Negotiate Offers, Your Realtor As Your Advisor!

Today we have another video in our home selling series. We have helped you prepare your home for sale, helped you list your home and helped you with the sale of your home. Today I will be discussing helping you negotiate offers. In the time leading up to an offer on your property your home […]

Should I Hire A Buyer’s Agent? or How Can A Realtor Help Me Find A Home?

Recently I have been writing about the sale of your home. How to prepare, list and actually get your home sold. Of course whenever a home is sold there must be a buyer so today I am writing about buying a home and the role of a buyer’s agent. Hiring a realtor to work as […]

Helping You with Your Home Sale, It’s What We Do!

Over the past couple of weeks I have shared a couple of videos with you on the subjects of preparing your home for sale and listing your home. This week’s video is about how we can help you with the sale of your home. Selling a house effectively requires hard work, diligence and a plan. […]

Think of Your House as a Home, Not an Investment!

I had a thought this morning and wanted to share it with you. I think that too many homeowners are thinking of their homes primary use is as an investment and not as a home for them and their families. I found this to be quite alarming. I know that this sounds like heresy, especially […]

Helping You List Your Home, Pay Attention To The Details!

Helping You List Your Home, Pay Attention To The Details! Today I am posting the second of our series of videos designed to help you sell your home. I will be posting a new video each week, each on full of useful information. Our last video was about helping you prepare your home for sale, […]