KWAR August Press Release. August Sales Up Nearly 10%, You Can Sell Your Home In August!

Many Realtors will tell you that you cannot sell your home in August. Many Realtors would be wrong as shown by the 9.2% increase in sales this past August. Read the following press release from the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors. HOME SALES REMAIN STRONG IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST  KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON (September 4, 2014) –– […]

I Want To Buy A House, How Do I Choose Wisely?

In our last article in this home buying series we discussed the best way to get your finances in order and preparing for your home purchase with a mortgage pre-approval. Now that you have done all that what next? Should we head out into the marketplace and look at everything in your price range? We could […]

An Open Letter From A Realtor To For Sale By Owner Home Sellers or FSBOs.

I have been paying attention to the online debate between realtors and the for sale by owner fraternity and must admit that I am surprised and disappointed by the invective and half truths that seem to be the fuel that keeps this debate running on and on with little or no productive discussion in sight. […]