I Am House Shopping, How Should I Look at Houses?

In our previous articles in the home buying series we have discussed preparing for your home search by getting your finances in order and by identifying the features that you need and/or want in your new home. Out third instalment today is about helping you with your home search. We will be looking at how to focus your home search and how to look at homes objectively so that we can be sure that the home you choose will be the best possible match for your needs and wants.

We have done all of our preparation. We know how much you have budgeted, where you want to live and what features you need and want in your new home. now it is time to shift from preparation to action.

The first thing that we need to do is to decide which homes we should visit. To do this we will;

  • Inform you of new listings as they come onto the market and provide you with any information or advice that we can share with you.
  • Pre-screen homes to ensure suitability and report our findings to you.
  • Focus on key features and systems of the home and point out any deficiencies or benefits.
  • Look at home features, site and neighbourhood influences to ensure compatibility with your desired lifestyle.

When we have identified appropriate homes it is time to start visiting these homes and having a good look around. Remember this is a major purchase and you want to learn as much as you can. Don’t be shy, look into every corner and ask any questions that you may have. Things to look for are;

  • Carefully analyse the interior and exterior condition of the home, look for any deficiencies.
  • Check the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems for any visible problems.
  • Have a contractor or inspector look at any areas of concern and if possible provide a cost estimate of any repairs required.
  • Listen for noise levels inside and outside of the property, try to visit at the busiest time of day.
  • Review each home visited with your realtor comparing it to your list of needs and wants.

Remember to keep yourself grounded during your home search. Look at home objectively, grade them against your needs and wants and choose the right home that you will enjoy for years to come.

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