Helping You List Your Home, Pay Attention To The Details!

Helping You List Your Home, Pay Attention To The Details!

Today I am posting the second of our series of videos designed to help you sell your home. I will be posting a new video each week, each on full of useful information. Our last video was about helping you prepare your home for sale, today we are going to learn about the process of listing your home for sale. Enjoy the video and when you are ready for your free home evaluation and consultation please get in touch using the contact form on this site or email

There are five main aspects to consider to get you home listed and exposed to the marketplace in the best possible light. They are;
Complete the Listing Agreement, this sets out the time frame of the listing, realtor and seller obligations, fees to be paid and ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of the scope of the agreement;
Collect all relevant information about your property, this is when we will review property tax bills, surveys and other records to accurately describe your property. We also want to learn everything and anything that may affect the value of your property and a buyer’s decision to purchase or not to purchase your home;
Conduct a Market Analysis, using all of the information that we have collected about your home we will compare what your properties features and benefits are and how they relate to other homes that are currently for sale and have recently sold within your neighborhood. By doing this together we can arrive at a market sensitive price for your home;
Decide upon Inclusions and Exclusions, there are some items in our homes that can add value to a potential buyer and some that have value to the seller. We want to make sure that the items you want to keep are listed and any items being included that have a benefit to the buyer are pointed out to that buyer and that they understand the value of them;
Develop a Marketing Strategy, now it is time to let the public know that your home is for sale. We will develop a marketing strategy with you, sharing our experience of what works and some of the things that don’t, to ensure that potential buyers have an opportunity to see your home.

I hope that this information has been helpful and of course there is far too much to take into consideration to be fully covered in a short blog article. If you want to learn more get in touch.


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