The Secret to Succesfully Selling Your Home, Prepare!

Today I have posted the first of a series of videos designed to help you to sell your home. I will be posting a new video each week, each one full of useful information! So, enjoy the video and when you are ready for your free home evaluation and consultation please get in touch using the contact form on the site or email

With most things in life the secret to success is to be prepared, selling your home is no different. The first step is to look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. It is surprising how many small issues and outstanding repairs we overlook through familiarity, in other words we get used to the little flaws in our homes and learn to live with them. A new owner may not be willing to do so!

It’s time to grab a notebook and get started. Approach your home the way a potential buyer would. Start at the curb and have a look at the gardens and lawn, is everything neat and tidy? Move on to the front of the house, how do the windows look, the garage door, pay particular attention to the front door and make sure it gives a good first impression of your home. Continue around the outside of your property making notes as you go. Now you can turn your attention to the inside of your home. Follow the same process as you did for the exterior walking through your home as a potential buyer would. Is everything clean, are the rooms neat and tidy, can buyers walk through the home and not feel crowded out by your furniture? Remove clutter and make your home an inviting place where buyers can visualize themselves living in your home. Remember no detail is too small to make note of!  The key here is to make sure that you have a consistently attractive and appealing appearance over the entire property.

Make notes of any improvements required, it may also be helpful to rate the tasks as A,B & C with A being a must do, B a should do and C as a could do.

I hope that this information has been helpful and of course there is far too much to take into consideration to be fully covered in a short blog article. If you want to learn more get in touch.

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