Welcome to Alasdair Douglas’ Free Home Evaluation & Real Estate Blog

Thank you for visiting my blog page and my first blog post.

My intention is to provide a weekly or twice weekly article providing helpful information about what is happening in the local Real Estate market and how that compares/contrasts with national news coverage and trends as well as sharing some of my thoughts and opinions about the process of buying or selling a home. I would appreciate and welcome any questions or comments that you may have and look forward to any replies that you may care to post. Hopefully we can start a few conversations.

The real estate market is complex and varied, almost as complexed and varied as a buyer’s and seller’s motivations and needs! I will try to cover as many topics as possible but will of course concentrate on subjects that have piqued my curiosity, are prominent in the news or are suggested to me by my daily activities as a Realtor.

Some of the subjects that I will be writing about are;

  • Kitchener-Waterloo planning and zoning issues, new developments, the Light Rail Transit System and other issues related to the growth and development of our region and cities.
  • Household debt and interest rates with a particular focus upon their impacts upon home affordability and Canadian’s ability to weather any market adjustments and rate changes.
  • Home values and statistics and how the media and Real Estate Associations reporting of statistics can sometimes give a misleading view of what is actually happening.
  • How to protect or increase the value of your home through maintenance and improvements.
  • The steps and processes of buying or selling real estate.
  • How a Realtor can help, I think you should use a Realtor and of course I think it should be me!
  • As well as anything else that occurs to me or is requested by a reader.

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoy what I have to say and I also hope that I can say it in an interesting enough fashion for you to want to read it! Remember that whatever I write is only my opinion and opinions can always be tested or changed by healthy and open debate. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and reading yours in return.

For more interesting articles, videos and podcasts please visit;

Website, www.freehomeevaluations.ca

Blog, www.alasdairtherealtor.wordpress.com

Facebook, www.facebook.com/FreeHomeEvaluationsInKitchenerWaterloo

YouTube, www.youtube.com/alasdairtherealtor


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